How Our Business Works

Nov 23, 2012, 05:51 PM

Leena Parmar recently recorded an off-the-cuff interview with me so that she could play it at a team training.

I didn't know the questions in advance and this informal interview really caught my thoughts in the moment.

I hope it gives a greater insight into how you can build a substantial home-based business; why it's so profitable and how it works step by step.

It's just 15 minutes long.

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kimbforeverdream - almost 3 years ago

Hello, Andy. I'm a new distributor in the US. I'm one of those people, who've been reduced to almost nothing but that's not the only reason for joining. I've seen the results, I'm using the toothpaste, deoderant, Forever Sun Lips, and the Aloe Berry Nectar. My aunt and uncle live in Combe Martin, UK, and they got me started with my distributor pack. I'm determined to make this work for the future of my family. Thank you, Kim


andywaring - over 4 years ago

Of course it's ok. Feel free to share any of my recordings with anyone you like if you think it will help.


forevermarion - over 4 years ago

Would it be Ok for me to let seriously interested prospects listen to this recording because you outline it so well.