Grassroots - Episode 6 Galway Community Circus

Dec 12, 2012, 02:20 PM

This is episode 6 of ‘Grassroots’. This short form radio series is an Athena Media Production for Newstalk 106-108fm funded through the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland Sound and Vision Scheme. Radio producers Lisa Essuman and Robert Hope are traversing the country looking for local initiatives that are fuelling positive change from the ground up. This episode was recorded in Galway City where for the past decade a community initiative has been using the art of the circus to bring joy and fun to young people's lives. This episode was broadcast on Saturday December 15th on ‘Shenanigans with Sile’ between 12pm-2pm.

Below is a text transcription of the episode.

Galway Circus - Episode 6


00:00 (Actuality: Kid’s noise, cycling) Fiachra Tutte: I’ve been doing Unicycle and juggling and tightrope and aerial, and the rope and Diablo. Diablo is two sticks with a string, and a thing of metal in it and you throw it up and try catch it on the string.

00:29 (ACT: Kid’s noise) Fiachra: I’m Fiachra Tutte and I’m 8 and I’m a member of the Galway community circus. (ACT: Kids noise, cycling and instructions) I’d like to travel around the world and be a member of the circus.

00:51 (ACT: Kid’s noise) Ulla Hokkanen: Galway community circus is a youth focused community circus, we teach young people circus skills such as acrobatics, juggling, cycling. Also we run some adult classes and we’ve recently started a weekly parent and toddler circus group as well. I’m Ulla Hokkanen from Finland and I’m the project manager of the Galway community circus.

(ACT: Kid’s noise, cheering)

01:18 (ACT: Kid’s noise) Ulla: What we are trying to achieve is to bring circus skills and circus arts to people of all ages in the community. People from all backgrounds. (ACT: Children running around) When I was growing up in Finland I was very involved in the youth circus over there. My parents founded a youth circus in my home village when I was 7 years of age and that kind of took the whole family into the world of circus and we never looked back. (ACT: Circus atmosphere, piano)

01:48 (ACT: Circus atmosphere) Ulla: It started when a group of local people decided there was a big need for circus arts training, especially for young people, as a form to promote healthy physical activity and non competitive after school activities for young people. And from there on it’s grown. (ACT: Ulla addressing group)

02:21 (ACT: Circus atmosphere) Matthew: I’m Matthew and I’m 8 years old and I’m a member of Galway community circus. Yeah I really wish they had circuses in my school. Because its really fun and they should have it in school hours, instead of homework you should have to do circus like doing cartwheels and front wheels in your back garden. (ACT: Kids noise)

02:41 (ACT: Kids noise) Matthew: I’ve met loads of friends here and they are all my best friends. I feel like I am going to be in the circus when I am older because I am good at it, its fun and I like it. (ACT: Music, Matthew enthusiastically describing activity)

03:02 (ACT: Circus atmosphere) Blue Hanley: I’ve always wanted to join the circusI’ve been pretty much obsessed with it since I was younger. When I got to join Galway community circus I was delighted. I’m Blue Hanley and I’m a senior member of Galway community circus. I’m on the board of management and I’m a substitute tutor. In classes I specialize in stilt walking and trapeze. (ACT: Blue teaching her class)

03:28 (ACT: Circus atmosphere) Blue: As a traditional circus fan, I always think of trapeze as been the original kind of aerials. Aerial is basically an umbrella term for the circus arts that are all involved somewhere above the ground. They are generally just basic props that are manipulated around the body like rope, trapeze, hoops and silks.

03:49 (ACT: Hazel teaching class) Hazel Crimmons: I got into circus just through evening classes...