A poem for A J Leon (extract from Canto 9 of "Irish Epic Poem in 33 Cantos" #12er

Jan 01, 2013, 10:39 AM, Poulacurry South, Cork, Ireland

New habit for January 2013 - record a poem a day for #ajleon - linking solidarity with his project to another project (led by #jacquelinecarly ) which is called #12er This reading is a short extract from #irishepicpoemin33cantos by Paul O'Mahony. (1) "The Gardener's Year" is a book I borrowed from the library in Cork & didn't return on time. (2) I like Spanish Rioja red wine. (3) The old school house is where I bought clay pots from the potter when I lived in Wiltshire UK (4) Emily Dickinson was a great American poet. (5) Mont Blanc is a fountain pen - a gift from Benjamin O'Mahony - I misplaced (found it, thank goodness) (6) A J Leon is a nomad revolutionary designer - a remarkable misfit - well worth finding - but never copying