Mighty Sound of Maryland Marching Band - Inauguration 2013

Jan 22, 2013, 08:51 PM, Washington, DC, United States

The University of Maryland played a special part in the 2013 Inauguration of President Barack Obama.

The Mighty Sound of Maryland was asked to perform in the 57th Presidential Inaugural Parade.

UMD’s marching band was chosen from thousands of applications to participate in the January 21st event through an extensive application process, which included submitting audio and video recordings of the band.

The band performed the “Washington Post March,” as well as the “Maryland Victory Song,” and unveiled new uniforms, which were purchased in part with the $25,000 first-place prize the band won in CBS television’s 2010 "Hawaii Five-O Marching Band Mania" competition.

While this was a first for all 255 band members and Band Director Richmond Sparks, the Mighty Sound of Maryland has been selected to perform at four other presidential inaugurations:

* Ronald Reagan's second term in 1985, which was cancelled due to weather
* President John F. Kennedy in 1960
* President Dwight Eisenhower in 1953 
* President Woodrow Wilson’s second term in 1917