I need some help with this hard drive migration

I have successfully cloned the old hard drive into an image on an external hard drive; however, I have not been able to get the software I am using clone Zillah to actually recognize the new solid-state drive so that I can put the image onto it

Jan 28, 2013, 10:49 PM, Beechtree, Cary, United States
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SinaBahram - over 4 years ago

iRon, thank you so much for the comment. Windows sees the SSD and I even tried using the Samsung migration tool to do it, and it got to 99% and then got some access violation .... gpartedit couldn't even recognize the drive .... I need to maybe just boot into a recent OS with all kernel drivers and such and just try DD'ing this if I can find something that sees the drive, and then use gPartedit to fix boundries, although that'll be difficult since it can't see it


iRon - over 4 years ago

It should "just work". Googling suggests a bios setting related to enabling sata ports or trying a different set of ports on the motherboard, or even a bios update. Other things reference perhaps the drive is not getting enough power (or is bad).

It looks like you would need partclone command line tool to use the clonezilla image, which its not obvious that gparted has.