Iain Duncan-Smith's Explosive Row With James O'Brien

Feb 20, 2013, 11:43 AM

Iain Duncan-Smith was involved in an explosive bust-up with James O'Brien live on LBC 97.3.

The Work and Pensions Secretary has welcomed a fall in unemployment, which now stands at 362,000 in the capital and 2.5million across the UK.

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DaveBrigg - 4 months ago

SlightlyAnnoyed - O'Brien is an Irish Catholic, who was educated in a Catholic school and now sends his child to a Catholic school. Not a definition of hypocrisy I recognise. Hypocrisy is claiming all the taxpayer benefits you can get while living in free accommodation and paying your wife a salary for doing nothing, whilst at the same time taking money from those desperately in need.
Your main issue seems to be that O'Brien is well educated. Thanks for demonstrating yourself the perils of making public statements when this standard is lacking.


MrSlightlyAnnoyed - 4 months ago

James O 'Brien is the king of the public school educated champagne socialists who, I understand, doesn't send his child to the local school but to a Catholic school because 'His wife wanted it'.
How he revels in using his excellent education to crush those less privileged and clever than himself. You can actually sense his smugness oozing through the speakers as he destroys them.
Iain Duncan Smith was presumably warned about the approach that the hypocrite would take but still chose to appear.

<user-5006573> - 4 months ago

I appreciate this


__davidbarcomb - about 3 years ago



Nobody1111 - about 3 years ago

I can't express how much I loathe IDS. I hope he & his family are petitioned to live in a private let house & forced to live on benefits under his own terms. Leave the leeching life he has now.


yassinoh - about 3 years ago

I appreciate this freat infos https://www.youtube.com/user/3almELmarea