E07 - Capt. Jerry Roberts MBE

Feb 21, 2013, 11:36 PM, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, England
February 2013

This month we talk to Captain Jerry Roberts about being awarded an MBE and his 4 year campaign for more recognition for Alan Turing, Bill Tutte and Tommy Flowers. 

We have an update from CEO Iain Standen on the Heritage Lottery Funded restoration programme.

Also, an exclusive interview with another Bletchley Park Veteran Nancy Jackson, who worked in the Newmanry, the section led by Alan Turing’s friend and mentor Max Newman.

A message from mcfontaine

This month’s episode has been late due to the death of my step-dad, Mick Chalkley. 

There was a really nice connection for me between Bletchley Park and Mick as during World War 2 he served in the Fleet Air Arm. A large part of which was on escort duty on amongst others, the Russian and Malta convoys. I explained to him the work that Bletchley Park did during the war, how by reading U-Boat Enigma traffic they could re-route convoys away from attack. This was something he didn’t know and like me, had no doubt that they must have helped to keep him safe and to live through the war.

This episode is dedicated to his memory.

Image: ©shaunarmstrong/mubsta.com

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