Harriet Cass - Last bulletin on Radio 4

Mar 21, 2013, 06:31 PM

Harriet Cass utters here her last words on BBC Radio 4, a station she describes as her 'spiritual home'. As you hear her voice, it's clear why. A hand into a glove. That calm edge of beautiful authority which has become the hallmark of the station. Just as Snagge and Lidell created the news-reading genre for radio's first epoque, the likes of Harriet Cass and Charlotte Green have surely carved out a successor.

As a senior announcer, it fell to Harriet to co-ordinate the efforts of her talented team. Harriet, who'd been at the BBC since 1972, also spent time at the Westminster offices; and in TV. She'd begun, as did so many of her generation, as a BBC secretary.

Harriet took voluntary redundancy and handed back her BBC lanyard after her broadcast on March 21st 2013, as the Radio 4 presentation team reduced from 12 to 10 and moved to the new Broadcasting House. She'll be much-missed.

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