Waiting for your boat to come in

Mar 23, 2013, 05:29 PM, Ash Shamal, Qatar

Eoghan Kieran describes the wonderful petroglyphs or rock carvings at Al Jassassiyah located north of Al Khor on the east coast of Qatar. The carvings include linear and circular cup holes for variations of a game known as mancala and Al Ailah. There are also a range of ship carvings. They are believed to have been created by people waiting on the rocky limestone outcrop for their boat to come in on the Arabian Gulf 400 m to the east. There is debate as to their date and some believe they may be prehistoric other more recent studies put the carvings as not older then 200 - 300 years. Either way they are evocative images that allow you to imagine people sitting playing games and waiting for their boat. #Qatar #rockcarvings #petroglyphs #AlJassassiyah