Irish Mothers who had their pelvises broken in childbirth call for worldwide support for their petition

Apr 01, 2013, 06:51 PM

Described as a medical procedure from the "dark ages" in the documentary film Mother Against The Odds, Irish mothers subjected to a symphysiotomy without their consent, have launched an online petition seeking worldwide support for their campaign and time is running out. The petition seeks to ‘Tell Ireland to Stop Obstructing Justice for Symphysiotomy Victims’ and requests the government to amend the statue of limitation to allow the mothers seek justice in the courts.
Filmmaker and Co-Producer of 'Mothers Against The Odds' Anne Daly asked Marie O'Connor of Survivors of Symphysiotomy why is the petition so important.


Mothers Against The Odd, a powerful and compelling documentary by award winning filmmakers Anne Daly and Ronan Tynan. Made in Kenya and Ireland it shows the kind of unimaginably cruel treatment that can be inflicted on women and girls, when they seek to give birth, if their rights are not respected. Narrated by Oscar winner Brenda Fricker, this Esperanza Productions documentary, took Tynan and Daly on what they describe as “a three year odyssey” and totally up-ended their expectations.

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