Syrian Doctor who lost 30 members of his family - "we have been abandoned"

Feb 20, 2016, 12:44 PM

“I told you what would happen four years ago if Bashar al Assad remained in power,’ Dr. Hassan Rajab a Syrian born gynecologist who has lost thirty family members at the hands of the Assad regime. Esperanza’s Anne Daly met him at his clinic in Dublin’s Rotunda Maternity Hospital and he was barely able to contain his outrage about what was happening in Syria.

“We’ve been abandoned by everyone, no one cares about Syrian blood,” he repeated. He said if the international community cared or were willing they could end the conflict in Syria overnight. “Assad is a war criminal, I just cannot believe the West has allowed him to remain in power knowing what he is doing.”

He was especially incensed how in the West, including in the media, all attention was focused on ISIS which allowed Assad to get away with his bombing campaign which is responsible for most civilian death and destruction in Syria including the exodus of millions of refugees who have fled to Europe and neighboring countries.

He believes up to a million Syrians may have been killed by Assad’s relentless bombing or tortured to death in his prisons, as well as those who have died as a result of the impact of the conflict.

Dr Hassan is adamant that if the EU wants to solve its refugee crisis all that has to be done “remove Assad” and four million will return home.

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