Public Meeting on Syria opens debate about ending EU Arms Embargo during Ireland's EU Presidency

Apr 25, 2013, 07:10 PM

'Syria: We must stop the slaughter: But How?' was the topic for discussion at a public meeting organised by the Irish Syrian Solidarity Campaign in conjunction with the Journalism Faculty at Griffith College Dublin recently. Addressed by Walid Saffour, the Representative of the Syria National Coalition, on a visit to Ireland to lobby TDs and Senators to lift the EU Arms Embargo, the meeting provided a comprehensive view of the terrible suffering of the Syrian people as the conflict shows no sign of ending. Other speakers included well known academic and columnist Prof Colm Kenny, DCU; Goal CEO Barry Andrews; and Patricia Coyle, Head of Communications with the Jesuits. The meeting was chaired by Filmmaker and Co-Founder of Esperanza Productions, Ronan Tynan. The report opens with Marese Hegarty, who spoke from the floor, and seemed to the sum up the outrage expressed at the meeting about what is happening in Syria.

Anne Daly, Filmmaker and Journalism Lecturer, compiled this report of the meeting.