Larisa and the Merchants

May 06, 2013, 02:54 PM

The works of Russian playwright Alexander Ostrovsky aren't often performed in the west, but in these hard financial times, perhaps the 19th century tale of a beautiful but penniless woman, who can't have both, is more relevant...'Larisa and the Merchants' has just opened at the Arcola Theatre in East London and here is the piece I made about it. It orginally aired on the BBC World Service panel programme 'Weekend' on 4th May and then on late Newshour that same day. The panel for 'Weekend' was Helen Lewis - Deputy Editor for the New Statesman and Jeffrey Gettleman - East Africa Bureau Chief for the New York Times. Roger Hearing was the presenter. #bbcweekend #bbcworldservice #newshour #arcola #larisa #financialcrisis