Cardiff Reserve Soldier Helps Sustain the Troops in Afghanistan - Pte Gareth Edmunds

May 09, 2013, 09:28 AM

Private Gareth Edmunds Royal Logistics Corps, 35, from Cardiff works with the Welsh Transport Regiment (Volunteers), and is attached to 3 Close Support Logistic Regiment, based in Abingdon, near Oxford, who are currently deployed on Operation Herrick 18 in Afghanistan.

TA soldier Gareth, who is married and has four children, four step children and another baby on the way is on his first operational tour and would like to transfer to the regular Army. 3 CSLR is responsible for supplying troops in outlying bases with essential supplies through convoys known as Combat Logistic Patrols. These patrols transit Helmand Province where the soldiers are no strangers to the threats of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and fire from insurgents. The patrols are also recovering equipment from the bases in support of the drawdown of forces from Afghanistan. Patrols are commonly in excess of 24 hours and involve long driving periods and very little rest. The roads in Afghanistan vary in condition from bumpy tracks to tarmac roads and are heavily trafficked by the local population making their living. The patrols must be considerate to other traffic and the inhabitants of the villages we pass through as to not disrupt their daily life. The deployed element of the Regiment is nearly 300 personnel strong, with over 10% female and 6% from foreign and commonwealth countries. 10% is made up from elements of the TA from the Welsh Transport Regiment based in Cardiff and 168 Pioneer Regiment based in Grantham. The TA soldiers are exceptionally well integrated and bring unique skills that enhance the capability of the unit.

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