Filey Officer Deploys to Afghanistan-Lt Phil Cussins

May 10, 2013, 10:55 AM

Lieutenant Phil Cussins Royal Logistic Corps, 28, from Filey, North Yorkshire is serving with 9 Theatre Logistic Regiment on Operation Herrick 18 in Camp Bastion, Afghanistan.

Phil who is a Platoon Commander and has been in the Army for only a few years as he has many a varied job to save up for various travelling trips such as tree surgery, grave digging and selling caravans.

The Theatre Logistic Group operates as part of Joint Force Support (Afghanistan) supporting 1 Mechanised Brigade. The TLG provides the deployed British forces in Afghanistan with logistic support; everything from ammunition, body armour, vehicles, and weapons, to fuel, rations, medical supplies and water. A more recent extension to the TLG's role is the recovery of kit and equipment back to the United Kingdom in preparation for its refurbishment and reconditioning or disposal. The TLG also provides a medical supply capability which supports the in-theatre hospital.

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