2013 Ashden Awards Podcast #3 | WWF-DRC, MicroEnergy Credits, Azuri Technologies

Jun 18, 2013, 01:00 PM

Finalists in the 2013 International Ashden Awards are working in developing countries around the world, harnessing business methods to get reliable, clean energy to where it is needed most. A range of products and approaches – from simple solar lanterns to carbon finance instruments – are changing lives while reducing strain on the environment.

For the third in our series of podcasts about the 2013 Ashden Awards, we speak to some of the businesses and programmes that have been selected as finalists in the International category:

  • Juan Sève of WWF-DRC describes how the organisation is changing lives and saving forests in the Democratic Republic of Congo

  • April Allderdice of Microenergy Credits explains how her company is making homes warmed with clean energy products a reality in Mongolia

  • Simon Bransfield-Garth from Azuri Technologies explains how his company’s pay-as-you-go solar is bringing electricity to off-grid households in Kenya

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