Apathy tiredness and finding your groove

Jul 02, 2010, 07:39 AM
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JodiCleghorn - about 7 years ago

Greg mate - looks like you're getting the cheer leaders outfit and the pom poms!

I'm looking forward to writing a post about writers apathy in the near future - and why it is different (and thus needs to be attacked differently) to writer's block. I think perhaps some writers end up in a terrible downwards spiral because they mistaken being apathetic as being blocked.

I'm hoping in the second half of the year everything will come together with a little more finesse. I also need to learn to start saying "no" again... I do quite a lot at my son's school, so I've ended up with about the same amount of time as I had when he was at kindy five days a fortnight, with less time to work at night and more projects I'm involved in.

Think I'm having a light bulb moment. xxx


pjkaiser - about 7 years ago

I can totally relate, Jodi - my son started school last fall and that's been the most structured my life has been since he was born. To some extent I thrive with a schedule but at the same time I often rebel against it. It's difficult to find a good balance. I guess we'll all be drawing some inspiration from Greg ;-)


icypop - about 7 years ago

Yes, I can sympathise with Paul...when I got made redundant, part of me thought "Yippee! I have all this time to write!" but then I spent way more time trying to find a new job...and then my lack of success in the job hunting just made me apathetic about everything I was doing, including writing. Apathy is a killer.


benjaminsolah - about 7 years ago

Listening to you and Paul has made me remember how less productive I was when I was unemployed and as much as I hate to say it, I'm pretty productive at work as much as a loathe my job


JodiCleghorn - about 7 years ago

yes - everyone needs a Greg McQueen! You must be feeling pretty stoked about the knock on effects of badgering me to audioBoo. I think it is bloody amazing. The first time I've really felt the flow on effects from simple decisions (because I'm far too into CW and EP to ever get this kind of perspective)

Chris... I can't work out if we inhabit the same body in different spaces or have time share on lots of brain cells. It freaks me out how much our paths parallel, cross and criss cross. We've you been all my life?


ChrisChartrand - about 7 years ago

This is the topic for my WA guest column.