A bank run by young people, for young people

Jul 29, 2013, 02:30 PM

What makes young people want to save? Why would students want to run their own bank?

We talk to Year 9 pupils at Forest Gate Community School who have been trained to run a saving and lending bank - It's MyBnk-in-a-Box! http://mybnk.org/programmes/mybnk-in-a-box

All year, pupils have been involved in incentivised saving schemes and enterprise projects. Deposits are locked in for the academic year, so this is reward time.

It's also reflection time. They talk about why they got involved with the project and what made them want to help fellow students save as well as the skills they have learnt such as customer service and even further aspirations and careers of becoming bankers.


Hannah Jones, MyBnk Education Officer. Amy Samuels, Assistant Head Teacher. MyBnkers and savers aged 13-15.

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