Idle Talk 17 02 13 “Organ donation”

Jul 29, 2013, 10:34 PM

On this week's show our topic is the practical #ethics of organ donation. We start by asking "should you be made to sign the organ donor register?" We then discuss the #ethical and practical implications for allowing people to sell their #organs in a free market in order to solve the shortage of organs for transplant. We discuss the ideas of Erin, Harris and Savulescu who propose a practical and safe system which would allow a free-market for organs. We also examine the possible reasons why the majority of people don't bother to become organ donors. Tags: 1radioX 1radio.orgX biomedical ethicsX Erin and HarrisX #medical #NHS #organdonation #philosophy #podcast #rhodders #Savulescu #transplant #talkradio