0296 Panda Poop Tea

Sep 12, 2013, 01:26 PM, Qinghai, China

Starbucks ushered in the era of the ridiculously expensive cup of coffee but even they would be surprised by a $200 cup of tea, don’t you think? Still, an entrepreneur in the New Market Economy China is growing an organic green tea that he plans to sell for just this price. The tea is fertilized using panda poop. There’s really no other way to say it. An Yanshi, the brains behind this endeavor uses tons of panda guano to fertilize his tea plants. He claims that panda dung is a superfertilizer partly because it makes the tea more healthful. See, pandas feed exclusively on wild bamboo and they only really absorb maybe 30% of the nutrients, such as they are, in bamboo meaning that a full 70% is excreted and is taken up directly by the tea plant and, in turn, by you, the drinker. Prices should drop, An says. We hope so. Tea has to be steeped; it doesn't also have to be steep. #China #Hacker #CEAS

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