Are you living Your life? (1) @ajleon at #SmarterEgg with @smartereggAodan

Sep 16, 2013, 10:12 PM, Ballincollig, Cork, Ireland

Please note: This is part 1 of a 2 part audio. You can listen to part 2 here:

This is storytelling - really inspiring, subversive & memorable. Recorded at a "SmarterEgg" event - in the White Horse Pub, Ballincollig, Cork on Monday September 2013. (Part 1 is 20 minutes) Aodan Enright introduces & interviews AJ Leon in front of a live audience. The questions asked : (1) "Start at the beginning - what exactly was going on in December 2007?" - the story of from school, thru university into corporate work. (2) "What was it that gave you that extra ounce of energy to make that decision then (to leave corporate life) ? - Great quote "This is my life, my one & only..." (3) "You had a relatively important occasion coming up - what was that?"

(4) "How did you break that kind of news?" - Great quotes "I'm living some other guy's life." - "I'd rather live with the real you under Brooklyn Bridge than an impersonation of you..." (5) "What was your sense of what was coming next?" Great quote "I make a mistake... I thought my past would dictate my future..." (6) "How did you navigate out of that (your consulting business)?" Great phrase: "re-inventing life" "What if I could start from scratch?" "I've always been a closet designer." (7) "Do you still refer to that (decision- making) filter (yellow pad) now or has it evolved?" (8) "Tell us about the projects you do travelling the world - & what's going on for you right now?" Great quote: "when I started to think: My life is a novel & myself a protagonist..." "We raised close to $5m." ( for WaterAid) (9) "How do you identify those projects (you do) out of all the calls out there?" - "their ability and desire to do something experimental." (10) "How has it worked travelling & working with Melissa (your wife)?" Great quote: "We have unique history..." (11) "Loyalty... Human characteristic ..."

End of part 1 - conversation continues in part 2

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