What are food fingers?

Aug 05, 2010, 11:23 AM
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VernAcular - about 7 years ago

"Love The Shoe". This really is the best time of the day shoe. The content is fresh and often hilarious. Other shows bore me with endless shout outs to abc going to a wedding or xyz wants to say hello to partner in the next bedroom. These dedications are pointless filler. Alex, Dr. Strangelove and Constant shaving keep us listeners entertained. Long live the shoe. Nobody else, nowhere else. BAG.


Wiggysan - about 7 years ago

Top work Alex.

I really think Dr S needs a little bit more sleep sometimes ! That Mayo must have been working him to the bone!


blancomeg - about 7 years ago

now I know why the shoe is called "Nobody else, nowhere else - Buffoons are go" - covers your audioboo exactly - what planet does Dr S come from?? Do you feel like a mother hen where he's concerned, Alex. What a fun pair.