80s cassette pt 2. Advance apologies...

Aug 06, 2010, 02:15 PM, Grangetown, Cardiff, United Kingdom
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markrock - over 6 years ago

You haven't booed recently:(


muckdog - about 7 years ago

The music that annoyed me in my youth, now feels comfortable like an old shoe. An old, tapping, shoe. Thanks for sharing. lol.


oneminutesound - about 7 years ago

My first ever favourite song was Chain Reaction. I taped it off top of the pops when it was number one, with my cassette recorder up against the telly.


syzygy - about 7 years ago

Wow.. you really didn't like them, did you! They were the soundtrack of my childhood, so I have a lot of affection for those pop songs... ahh well, just shows how tastes vary. Granted, they're still played to death on Heart, but they sound so much better on an old C90 cassette.


benzo8 - about 7 years ago

Odyssey "Use It Up And Wear It Out"
Diana Ross "Chain Reaction"
Europe "Final Countdown"