Frithjof Bergmann on Work - Partially Examined Life

Oct 11, 2013, 01:32 AM, Ann Arbor, MI, United States

Talking with Frithjof Bergmann, Prof. Emeritus from U. of Michigan, Ann Arbor about his book New Work, New Culture (2004, English release coming soon).

Frithjof is a world-renowned ex-Hegel/Nietzsche scholar who has worked since the early 80s on projects to realize the goal of “New Work,” which is an alternative to the current, dysfunctional job system. New Work enables people to do work (which is not the same as a “job”) that they really, really want. Human nature is not such that we are born free and need restraining by a social contract; rather, we need institutions to help us develop a self, to figure out what we really want and become free by doing things that we deeply identify with. New Work Enterprises promotes technology like fabricators and cutting-edge farming to support community self-sufficiency in places like Detroit that the job system has left behind. Read more about New Work at #Bergmann #Newwork #Jobsystem #Capitalism

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