What is the 4.15 one off canteen?

Aug 13, 2010, 10:06 AM
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__MusicLover819 - about 7 years ago

Is Ste as cute as he sounds? He sounds gorgeous.


blancomeg - about 7 years ago

Are there really nekkid truckers out there or men driving in pink sparkly tutu's - slightly worrying. I live on country road, but a busy one, where there are large trucks/lorries passing at all times of day and night; must look out my upstairs windows and look into some of these trucks to see if they really are nekkid or all in pink glitter - the mind boggles and perhaps not just the mind.


DamoIRL - about 7 years ago

There are lots of nekkid truckers, they need to be more unique... like fully clothed truckers!