Announcing the Release of the eBook "Zone Mind"

Oct 17, 2013, 05:09 PM

Announcing the Release of the eBook “Zone Mind”!

“Zone Mind” Released!

In this episode, I wanted to let people know that I finally released my eBook “Zone Mind” - an eBook based on the blog with a similar nane, ZoneMind, located at

It took me about a year to produce this eBook and, in all honesty, I have released the eBook only thanks to the assistance of Zoe’s Books Ltd located at and Charter Software Ltd located at: who helped me to edit the manuscript. and produce the eBook versions. Indeed, it would have been very difficult to get through the self-publishing process without the assistance of these organisations..

I admit that I don’t expect to make any profit any day soon following this release. On the other hand, I’m satisfied that, at least, more people can now have the chance to read my thoughts and reflections on life as I engage in Buddhist thought and practice and discovering the importance of how important it was for humanity to go beyond the differences we create between ourselves and recognise our common humanity.

The eBook is selling for €2,99 and you can read more about it at: or follow the direct link found at ZoneMind at:

If after checking the eBook for more information you aren’t interested to get a copy, I encourage you to share the page at PayHip with others you think might like to check this eBook out.

In addition, if you share the eBook page with your friends, by choosing to share the page with your network, you will save 15% when you purchase your copy of the eBook “Zone Mind”!

Publication Details

Self-published in Malta by Gordon C. Cardona on Sept, 2013..

Copyright © 2013-4 Gordon C. Cardona

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this eBook.   This eBook may be freely shared on condition that the author is acknowledged & that no part of this eBook is altered or distributed for profit and gain. 

ISBN: 978-99957-0-580-0

Price: €2,99

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