Strangelove on fire!

Aug 20, 2010, 10:32 AM
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__MusicLover819 - almost 7 years ago

Dr S has a gorgeous voice and a delicious accent. Alex sounds too American for me. Hardly sounds like a Brit.


blancomeg - almost 7 years ago

ooooohhhh that comment above is hitting below the belt how can they compare Dr S's young voice with that mellow mature silky voice of the Dark one that floats our way bringing comfort and dulcet tones throughout the night.............. yeah, OK a bit flowery but you know what I mean - perhaps if our friend from the USofA listened to the shoe more often they would appreciate our lovely resident DJ.............


__MusicLover819 - almost 7 years ago

Any chance he can take over your show so that I can start listening to the program again? I haven't listened in months and months but I would listen if he took over. He's funny and has the cutest accent.


Wiggysan - almost 7 years ago

Making money from telling fibs ?

Since when did you two becomes MP's ? Haha !