Frithjof Bergmann Q&A on New Work - Partially Examined Life

Nov 01, 2013, 09:49 PM, MI, United States

"In light of our ep. 83, many listeners had questions on Frithjof’s social/political/economic proposals for creating a post-job, pro-meaningful-work world.

Mark Linsenmayer here pitches a number of these questions (culled from our blog and Facebook group) to Frithjof. What would a future New Work world look like? How do first-world folks fit into the project? How can I make MY calling economically work RIGHT NOW? What does New Work require for education? How do New Work proposals relate to legislative moves like a guaranteed minimum income? How do Bergmann’s ideas relate to Marx’s?

Some sort of answer to all these questions and more is now yours for the listening." #Bergmann #Newwork #Jobsystem #Capitalism

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