'Invisible Friend'(part1)-"Little Charo in Tohoku" Ep2 to improve my English pronunciation.

Nov 09, 2013, 07:02 AM

A village in the Tono region of Iwate Prefecture. Legend has it one of the talismans is here. And Charo is here to search for it. Charo: I must be close...Huh?What's that? Oh,a festival! Huh? Suddenly, Charo hears a child crying. Kimiko: Waaa! My candy is gone. Matumi: It happened again? There were five candies here a minute ago. Suzumaru: The five of us took just one each. But we 're still one short. Villager1: Ahh, the Zashiki Warashi is at it again. Suzumaru: Zashiki Warashi? Are they real? Villager1: Oh, yes. The other day, I counted the children. There was one more than there should be. But there were no children there I didn't recognize. Zashiki Warashi slip in and out of groups and nobody notices. Suumaru: I see... Charo: Wow. That's really strange. Mako: It's not strange. It's just me. Charo: Huh?! Who are you? Mako: Huh? You can see me? My name is Mako.People call me Zashiki Warashi. Charo: Oh? Really? Mako: Usually, people can't see me at all. Charo: Hmm? Oh... I'm Charo. Mako: Charo? That's a cute name. Mako: Sometimes...I get lonly. No one can see me, so no one will play with me. I just want to make friends with people here. Nobody ever notices me. Charo: Oh, That's so bad. Mako: But I do feel a little better, talking to you, Charo. Charo: That's good.

I'd like to improve my English pronunciation , enjoying English.And I'd like you to correct my wrong pronunciation when you hear it. #English #pronunciation #practice #improve #Japanese 『3か月トピック英会話』(7月号(2012)) NHK出版 より