What does Open Science mean to you?

Nov 14, 2013, 02:23 PM

An audio exploration of what Open Science means to some of the attendees of Mozfest 2013.

Open Science has as many meanings as there are people, and yes as so many people talk about it, should there not be some sort of consensus as to what it might mean?

Reporter Julie Gould went out to MozFest 2013 to ask some of the attendees what it meant to them. For some, it is the ability to let anyone into science, to remove those ivory towers. For others, it is more about letting anyone learn how science is done by making the methods and data collected more transparent.

In episode 2, I speak to Andrea Sella, Brian Glanz, Billy Meinke, Josh Greenberg and Margaret Gold to find out what Open Science means to them.

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