7th September 1940 - Black Saturday

Sep 07, 2010, 06:49 AM, Hastings, East Sussex, England
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andymooseman - about 7 years ago

He was present at 3 pretty important moments of WW2. This was the first of them. I'll probably do another Boo about the rest of his WW2 story.
Glad you liked this. I may well do some more personal type Boo's in the future. This seems like a good medium for that kind of thing & it's something i've thought of doing before. This might just be the right time & place.


anakin1814 - about 7 years ago

I'm glad you did this boo.....in a way for your father. He sounded like he had so many amazing stories....Such a rich history...


andymooseman - about 7 years ago

Thanks Rich. I'm pleased you enjoyed this Boo. That book sounds interesting. I might have to try & find it.
I think this was a fascinating period in the history of London. That's one reason why it interests me. But, the fact that my Father was born & lived in the East End of London, adds a little something to that interest.
I may well recount more of his wartime story as well.


WorldAccordingtoRich - about 7 years ago

Fascinating boo. I can't imagine how unreal it must have felt to emerge into so much destruction and chaos. I read a great book this year - "Citizens of London" - which related this day as it told the story of certain American dignitaries who chose to stay in London during this period (while America sat on its hands), to keep Americans informed and aware and pave the way for the USA's involvement (which of course wouldn't happen until over a year later, when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.)

This also sort of relates to your earlier boo about being aware of one's own surroundings - I wonder how many people in London take the time to consider the history that surrounds them....