women's buddhist order weekend no. 6

Dec 08, 2013, 03:23 PM, Coddington, Herefordshire, United Kingdom

The final morning on the women's order gathering and some more great interviews from Parami.

We hear from Jinamati and Padmabodhini, two brand new Order members who are experiencing such a large coming together for the first time. We also hear from the assistant cook, Suvannamani, part of the team at Adhisthana dealing with one of the biggest community events that's happened there.

As an extra treat we also get to hear from Ratnasuri, who at 90 is the oldest member of the Order, on her first visit to the retreat centre and recounts her meeting with Sangharakshita...

We then we get a final 'vision conversation' from Parami and Danasamudra from the team, reflecting on the event when everyone has gone and the significance of the first major gathering of women at Adhisthana...

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