Italian Adventures - Part 1

Sep 09, 2010, 01:28 PM, Hastings, East Sussex, England
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andymooseman - about 7 years ago

Gary: LOL I can't say i was actually a hooligan myself, although i was treated like one. I was more a victim of hooliganism. But, they all say that don't they? ;)


anakin1814 - about 7 years ago

Any podcast that starts with "Then we ended up in jail..." is sure to capture my attention! I'm proud to say I'm friends now with an actual hooligan!


andymooseman - about 7 years ago

We like a good soccer riot here in Europe Ken. It seems to be almost a tire of passage!
This was one time when the AudioBoo limit of 5 minutes took away some of the story. I'll try & do Part 2 tomorrow.


kenrg - about 7 years ago

I once escaped a soccer riot in Germany by sheer luck, as the train doors shut and the train started moving as the oncoming rioters were about 20 feet from the train. But your adventure sounds a bit more, um, adventurous.