A chin-wag with @alberthammondjr

Dec 15, 2013, 10:16 PM

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It's mad to look back at the first Strokes album and realize it came out 12 years ago (hands up who feels old!)

When I was drunkenly dancing around to You Only Live Once in popular Telford hotspot Fusion (think it's a take-away these days...), around the time First Impressions of Earth came out, never did I think I'd be having a casual chat with a member of The Strokes. But this past Wednesday I did just that, having a chin wag with the one and only Albert Hammond Jr.

Following on from Comedown Machine earlier in the year, The Strokes fifth studio album, Albert has been working on his third release as a solo artist. Released at the start of October, AHJ is a five track EP on Julian Casablanacas' Label, Cult Records.

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