Take My Wife, Please...

Sep 15, 2010, 11:00 PM, Grand Chute, Appleton, United States
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LiLeXtreme - about 7 years ago

Yeah I find her occasionally funny like when she interviewed Justin Beiber (it's on YouTube)...she says to him lords stuff I wished someone would say but didn't have the guts. You should listen to it see what ya think. 

As for just regular comedy, I find her Unfunny but occasionally spits out something good (not often enough though). 

I can completely relate to you on the cursing comedians though...I've said that for a long time now. My father feels the same although his best friend is Jackie Mason & I don't always find him funny either lol...
I hate when they just curse constantly....and use the curses as the actual act...ADDING a curse DOES NOT make bad routines funny. If your REALLY funny then it's not needed. I am no prude either. I've just heard MANY hilarious comedians who do not curse or they do it very little. 

Thanks for the listen,... you say a lot of things I can relate to. I love the 80's too & your dead on when u said 80's bands sound EXACTLY the same live. It's a shame. Anyway, maybe one day we'll chat,,,I'm almost positive it'd be a very interesting conversation lol.

Here is the video I mentioned and for the record, I'm not a Bieber fan lol


Damn, I really do ramble on...sorry! 


andymooseman - about 7 years ago

I noticed this idea that a swear word will get a laugh, in the '80's. I didn't get it then & i don't get it now. It's a pity that comedians haven't grown up. It's not funny & it's not clever either.
I suspect the swearing is meant to diguise the persons lack of talent, or funny material.
Sebastian Bach was in Skid Row btw ;)


anakin1814 - about 7 years ago

@kenrg Yeah Ken...that's her name. She came across as a real hack!! She may not have been using using autotune, but her hair extensions weren't real!


kenrg - about 7 years ago

Chelsea Handler maybe? She usually is funny. But, yes, if it was just vulgarity for its own end, with no content, that sucks. It may be the venue (MTV) as much as anything else. At least the comedians aren't using auto-tune.