Adulthood & Entrepreneurs - Part 4

Jan 24, 2014, 12:45 PM

Throughout the week on BBC World Service's Newshour we've been exploring the concept of 'Adulthood' and becoming a grownup. As part of this series I sought 5 young entrepreneurs with different expertise and from different parts of the world. In part 4 we go to California to meet Anshul Samar and creator of 'Elementeo' - a card game which brings the elements of the periodic table to life. He launched the first game when he was 14, and at 18 he launched an app to accompany it as well as a second version of the game. At the same time as developing his business, he is also juggling a degree at Stanford. Jamie Coomarasamy presenting #Adulthood #newshour #bbcworldservice #elementeo #anshulsamar First Broadcast on 23rd January 2014