Paul Martin's Business Update - February 5th

Feb 05, 2014, 06:34 PM, Regina, SK, Canada

Paul Martin's Business Update - February 5th

Tracking job growth has become a fairly common practise in this province lately. With the strong performance of the provincial economy, job numbers have been rising and employers are creating new positions at a pace that we haven’t seen in more than three decades.

A year-end analysis of the job market for 2013 compiled by SaskTrends Monitor, the leading statistical publication in the province, shows that employment growth hit 3.4 per cent last year. The last time we saw that was 1977.

This tells us that even though the provincial economic surge began 10 years ago, it has not slowed. If anything, the rest of the world is only now catching on and they’re moving here to capitalize on it.

To put it another way, people follow opportunity. Pulling up stakes and moving to a new city or province is a big decision, often taking a long time to reach so when an economy takes off, it can take as long as ten years for people outside that jurisdiction to hear about it and then makes plans to relocate in pursuit of opportunity.

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