Extra - E33 - Sarah Harding – Bletchley Circle Director

Feb 27, 2014, 11:18 PM

February 2014

This is the full length version* of our exclusive interview with Sarah Harding, Director of the second two-part story in series two of the hit ITV drama, The Bletchley Circle.

In this month’s Bletchley Park Podcast & the first part of this EXTRA Sarah tells us about her mother, Dorothy Harding (nee Thompson) who was a Wireless Operator / Morse slip reader at Bletchley Park 1943-1945. It was a happy coincidence that Sarah had that personal connection to Bletchley Park when The Bletchley Circle script landed on her desk.

Sarah has had a long and distinguished career directing theatre, film & TV dramas including Coronation Street, Queer as Folk and Agatha Christie’s Marple & Poirot, to list just a few. We talk about her life behind the camera & how the service given by Veterans such as her mother led to her generation having the freedom to pursue such careers.

Now, her mother has enjoyed the series & hopes “she will smile, feel recognised and proud.”

  • If you have already listen to this month's main Podcast, then the new material starts at 15:48 into this episode.

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