World Book Day 2014

Mar 06, 2014, 07:59 PM

Stop, step back and listen to the world around you. Pick up a

book and experience the escape to somewhere else.

Today I went to my son's nursery and read a couple of stories to

the children there. It's probably one of the most inspiring

things that I have done in the last few years.

Let me explain.

As the book's printed words were absorbed by my eyes, the

imagination nested behind them, created an atmosphere which

enabled me to enter the world of the authors.

Adult Readers often over look the value of a good childrens book

as simple literature, but if a book for the younger end of the

market is not engaging, it's game over from the start.

The one thing that we cannot afford as a society, is to allow the

levels of literacy to fall. The future of the next generation and

their opportunities in life start from the early days of reading. When you see how a toddler looks at a parent, guardian or

playgroup leader whilst they're being read to, you quickly

realise just how important it is.

Books are entertainment, they're stories which are full of subtle

moral guidence and above all, theyre an activity to bring people


In the hall at nursery today, I realised just how important books

are to the future. All of those children, many of whom multiple

languages speakers at the age of three, sat in circle, cross

legged and listened to every word that I read to them.

It's really important to take the printed words and not being

afraid to add to the characters by altering your voice. I hear of

so many people that read to children like it's the phone book.

The function of reading, removing all emphasis and theatre of the


As a person that has grown up with dyslexia, I value reading and

writing so much, it's never been easy and I am hypercritical of

anything that I commit to paper.

I already know how important reading and writing is, today has

taught me that I owe it to my son to be by his side on his

journey in to literary and language.

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