Interview with Maja Binder of The Little Cheese shop in Dingle.

Mar 10, 2014, 07:58 PM, Dingle, Kerry, Ireland

The Little Cheese Shop is owned and run by Maja Binder (Beaujouan) who trained as a cheese maker in Switzerland. In 1998 she founded Dingle Peninsula Cheese, under which brands she produces a wide variety of semi hard and hard cheese.

Maja is speaking with Adam Byrne from Ventry who is age 11. He is interviewing Entrepreneurs and business owners on the Dingle peninsula as part of his Coderdojo project. Contact to be included on the interview schedule.

Maja's award winning cheeses are made in spring and autumn from locally sourced full fat raw cow's milk. They are produced in the time honoured way of cheesecraft; milk from only two milkings is used - morning and evening Her cheeses are the stone pressed and matured in a 200 year old stone storehouse. There, two additional factors are brought together to produce strong and unique flavours: the natural fauna of the building and daily brushing of the rind with whey.

Maja is from Pforzbeim in Germany. She came to Kerry because her mother had moved here. She started making a faintly sweet, semisoft raw cows’ milk cheese and two variations. It was in sourcing dilisk for her Kilcummin that she met her partner Olivier Beaujouan. He was selling the seaweed. They began started going to the market in Tralee together: Olivier with his seaweed and pâtés and Maja with her cheeses. Now, several years later, they live together, with their three children and a dog, in a house on a little hill near the sea on the Dingle Peninsula. Maja has opened The Little Cheese Shop on Grey's Lane in Dingle.