Thar Talks: Local Impacts of Climate Change in Western Rajasthan

Mar 13, 2014, 12:43 PM

The desert of Rajasthan is one of the most environmentally vulnerable regions of India. With increasing impacts of climate change, the Thar region is facing harsh conditions. Just as importantly, the local communities are struggling to adapt to future hardships.

In an attempt to gather and spread knowledge within local communities, this podcast focuses on water stresses due to the changing climate. The programme voices the problems of the people and also offers indigenous solutions. It includes an interview with Dr. Prakash Tyagi from GRAVIS, Jodhpur, (a local NGO) explaining the effects of climate change in Western Rajasthan. Adding flavor to the piece is the use of folk music and poetic framing of words to encourage hope.

This podcast was produced as a community radio programme. It was part of a CDKN and START funded research project, implemented by SEEDS and Unnati. A group of local adolescent girls developed radio programmes on climate change and disaster- related issues of Western Rajasthan. The programme covers the problems, local adaptation and risk reduction solutions, related government policies, expert interviews and some cultural entertainment. Community radio programmes have had great success in helping experts and local communities exchange information and find solutions to local problems.