Transferring Learning from Leh to Uttarakhand

Mar 18, 2014, 08:37 AM

2013 saw the extreme devastation left behind by the Uttarakhand flash floods. As the region slowly recovers, several issues are emerging that are similar to those faced in the aftermath of the Leh floods of 2010. This podcast focuses on the learning from the Leh floods and discusses some of the major issues, challenges and opportunities in the Uttarakhand context. One component of this learning process is the transfer of an Automatic Weather Station (AWS) from Serthi, Ladakh to Bhakunda, Karnprayag in Chamoli District. This was a pilot project implemented by SEEDS as part of a CDKN and START funded research project. The podcast includes an interview with Mr. Padma Tashi, Director, RDY, along with that of disaster and climate change experts. They explain the importance of understanding micro-level climates for informed decision making at the local level.