Recommendations sought for brunch in Glasgow - ref @saloire @macolgan

Mar 20, 2014, 10:50 PM

In a little under a month I will be venturing north of Watford Gap, the great frontier dividing what Londoners think of as the civilized world, from bandit country beyond. In fact I will be journeying right up to and across the border into Scotland, arriving in Glasgow aboard a sleeper train at a rather unearthly hour of the morning.

Now, Glasgow is a great place, and I will certainly enjoy a bit of time wandering about, nodoubt reacquainting myself with that cliche of Clydeside cuisine, the deep fried Mars bar. But what I really want to do, before heading over to Largs to cast off on a week of sailing, is to enjoy a good Scottish brunch.

So, my question to anybody who knows, is where should I go?

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