Nothing like the sound of a happy dog!

Mar 21, 2014, 06:36 PM

Good dogs deserve treats. So after a couple of excellent walks it seems high time for guide dog Vance to have something to get excited about. And does he get excited!

There really is nothing like the sound of a happy dog to lift the spirit and lighten the load. The curious sniffing, quickening pants, and lip smacking tongue, not to mention the leaping round my flat of a fifty kilo dog as if he was a little puppy, together paint a picture of a childlike delight which is impossible to ignore.

So, in glorious mono, I present to you this evening, in association with whoever made my treats, One very happy dog.

Warning: this boo includes the sound of copious amounts of dog saliva and close up chewing. For that reason it has been rated as DG. Owners may listen only at the discretion of their pets and guides, and non dog lovers need not apply.

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