Comparing the audible Tick Tack Compass and human audio description of direction on a passage from Loch Goil Head to Inverkip

Apr 14, 2014, 12:16 PM

Whilst sailing to Inverkip for lunch we had our first chance to play with the audible Tick Tack Compass.

Visually impaired sailors can steer a boat using a range of different senses and methods. The feel of the wind on the face, its sound in your ears, the noise of flapping sails and the position of the sun, not to mention any residual vision and the instructions of a sighted crew member, can all help with achieving the desired course.

The Tick Tack Compass is designed to allow the helmsman to know when they are veering off the set course and to correct it independently. It emits beeps at different pitches and at increasing frequencies to indicate direction and degree of deviance.

In this recording you will hear Emma at the helm, with the audio compass beeping in the background and clock face directions spoken by Roger first and then Antonia.

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