Hickory Dickory Dock Nursery Rhyme - British Accent Pronunciation Practice Audio

Apr 28, 2014, 01:27 PM

Here is another popular nursery rhyme to help you practice your RP British Accent pronunciation. Once you've listened to the rhyme try repeating it using the same sounds that you hear in the recording. The text of the rhyme can be found here: http://www.learningbritishaccent.com/nursery-rhymes/ Can you manage to get the 'ck' sound correct ? Keep repeating the rhyme a few times to practice the sound. If you need more practice words to get this, and the other British accent sounds correct, then you may find The Ultimate RP British Accent Learning resource helpful. More information at www.learningbritishaccent.com. Thanks for listening! #britishaccent #soundsinthebritishaccent #englishpronunciation #practicebritishaccent #howtospeakinabritishaccent

Picture: microsoft