Audioboo in Education

Nov 13, 2010, 12:15 AM
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dwicksspu - over 6 years ago

Audioboo in Education

Do you have thoughts to share but don’t have time to write it down? … Or maybe, as an instructor, you want to provide an alternative format for students to share since they are already writing lots of reflections. Finally, do you want your students to be able to share anytime, and anywhere?

Welcome to Audioboo. It is both a web and mobile platform that easily lets you record and share audio with the world using a computer or one of Apple’s mobile devices.


1) Boos are limited to five minutes in length.
2) It’s an audio-only format but a picture can be included.
3) Mobile boos can be recorded on various Apple mobile devices such as iPhones or iPads. There was an Android app but it’s currently in the shop being fixed.
4) Boos can be listened to on Macs, PCs, and various mobile devices. You can even find them in iTunes.
5) You can embed boos on a web page using the Audioboo widget.
6) Boos can be tagged for better searching.
7) The can easily be shared in social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Teaching/Learning ideas

1) AudioMo – Have students post one boo a day for a month, sharing about their learning. Then have them create a meta-boo, summarizing all the boos shared during the month. Remember, they only have five minutes.
2) World language pronunciation practice – Have students practice pronunciation and share with other students for feedback.
3) Interview an expert- Have students interview an expert in your teaching discipline and then share with the class, and the world.
4) Digital storytelling – Use one of the great resources on digital storytelling such as Helen Barrett’s website, and have students create digital stories.

Possible issues:
1) Are boos accessible to people with disabilities?
a. Website recommends the use of the comments field to post a transcript for hearing impaired.
b. Visually impaired learners can listen without assistance but the recording tool is currently not designed to be accessible.
2) App support for more Mobile OS platforms – Not everyone has an iPhone.