Living Streets: Family Time


Happy National Walking Month!

Living Streets is the national charity that stands up for

pedestrians. This is the second in our special series of

podcasts to celebrate National Walking Month, our

annual campaign dedicated to celebrating and raising

awareness of the benefits of walking.

The month focuses on how walking can take you to

more than just a destination – it can take you to a clearer

head, more family time, hidden treasures in your

neighbourhood, a fatter wallet from savings on petrol

or public transport, and a healthier environment. Each of

the podcasts in this series will focus on a different benefit.

As we get ready for Walk to School Week, 19-23 May,

we’ll be looking at how walking is a great way to spend

some quality family time.

Walk to School Week is a fantastic time to celebrate the

benefits of walking to school. But it’s also an opportunity

for us to highlight how important walking to school is –

and why it needs to be made safer and easier for people to do so. Often, fast moving traffic or inconsiderate parkers

at the school gates can be a real deterrent for those who

might walk if the environment felt safer. So this Walk to

School Week, we’re launching a campaign calling on

government to make the walk to school safer and easier

for everyone. As part of this, we’re inviting both children

and parents to write to Prime Minister David Cameron to

tell him about their walk to school and what they think

needs to be done to make it safer and easier.

During this episode, we’ll be talking about some of those

stories, and discussing how the campaign aims to

transform the walk to school with our Policy and Public

Affairs Manager, Kevin Golding Williams. We’ll also be

meeting Jack and Louis, a father and son who walk to

school every day. And we’ll be running through some of the key facts and

statistics with our stats expert, Tim Fitches.

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May 18, 2014, 08:35 AM
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