Living Streets: Better Shape


Happy National Walking Month!

Living Streets is the national charity that stands up for

pedestrians. This is the second in our special series of

podcasts to celebrate National Walking Month, our

annual campaign dedicated to celebrating and raising

awareness of the benefits of walking.

The month focuses on how walking can take you to

more than just a destination – it can take you to a clearer

head, more family time, hidden treasures in your

neighbourhood, a fatter wallet from savings on petrol

or public transport, and a healthier environment. Each of

the podcasts in this series will focus on a different benefit.

As we get some healthy competition going in the run

up to Walk to Work Week from 12-16 May, we’ll be

investigating in this episode how walking can take you

to better shape.

In this second podcast, we’ll be meeting some of the

people who’ve been getting into better shape through

walking. We’ll meet Mark Higgins, who discovered that

walking was a great way to both get to work and shed

some extra pounds when he took part in Walk to Work

Week 2013 – and learn what happened when he took

it up longer term. We’ll meet Angie, part of a walking

group in Doncaster, which was set up five years ago as

part of a Living Streets project and has kept up the

habit to this day. And we’ll be chatting through some of

our stats expert Tim Fitches’ favourite facts and figures

about walking and how it can improve your physical health.




May 08, 2014, 02:49 PM
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