Reflections during dinner!

May 21, 2014, 07:54 PM, Bayswater, Greater London, United Kingdom
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CurnowJude - over 3 years ago

Sounds like you are having loads of fun
Glad you enjoyed the museum and Lion KIng show
James is jealous
love you loads mum xx


VM71 - over 3 years ago

Hi Will-i-am!! Here's to another great day ahead, sounds like you are having loads of fun. Quiet without you and Alicia last night lol. Enjoy another full day of fun amd laughter, Mum xx


jan77 - over 3 years ago

Hi everyone! Rohan, have another great day tomorrow. Sweet dreams, love from mum, Charlotte and all the family xxx


COG - over 3 years ago

You must all have had a really grrrrreat day (sound effects of Dinosaurs and Lions)!!!
I'm sure we are all really so envious of the good times you are having, but you must be tired out.
Good Night, God Bless and Sweet Dreams. Remember...we'll be watching you all tomorrow. Give my love to Coco (Lewis) xxx.


georgiexxx - over 3 years ago

Hey Holly,
Me again, we all wanted to say goodnight to you before you go to bed. We hope you have had lots of fun today and you jave loads more tomorrow. Temember to take lots of pictures for us all to see. We are looking out for you on audioboo ready to hear about your amazing adventures. Night night, sleep tight sweet dreams princess xxxx love you! Xxx
Geo, Mum, Dad and Cam xxxxxx


Carabarber - over 3 years ago

Sounds like you all have had a fab day. Will try your hardest and be brave on the London eye tomorrow. I know you can do it. Love you.